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You’re The Captain Now

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Forget taking your shoes off for security or dealing with hours-long delays. Gather up your family, pack up your rig and go! Be the captain of your RV for your next family vacation. We've got a few tips to keep you safe and prepared on your next RV adventure.

Pack Smart
Over-packing is easy to do when preparing for your RV trip. There are unnecessary things that can get in the way and add lots of weight to your rig. Break things up into specific areas such as kitchen, bed/bath and general RV needs to help you decide on necessities for your trip. It’s also a good idea to distribute weight evenly on either side of the RV when packing items. This tip will help limit swinging and wobbling of items onboard.

Pay Attention to Your Rig’s Weight
An important thing to keep in mind is your RV’s total weight, which is known as the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Your trailer is rated with specific load and pulling capacity weights, and if you exceed them, your rig might not be the safest to drive. Utilize RV weighing stations along the road to ensure you don’t exceed your trailer’s weight capacity.

Get a Backup Camera
One of the most common ways RVers get into accidents is when they attempt to back up. These are huge vehicles we’re talking about—it’s not as simple as maneuvering a small sedan. Rearview backup cameras are a great way to better handle tricky driving situations. As the captain of your RV, having a “third eye” is beneficial to keeping your rig and others around you safe.

Stay Stocked on Essentials in Case of an Emergency
In addition to a decent set of tools and basic first aid, it’s also a good idea to keep extra essentials like water on board. If you’re traveling in the winter time, you might consider adding extra clothing, food and even a windshield scraper to your emergency stock pile. You never know when to expect the unexpected when traveling in your RV, so stay prepared just in case!

A successful and safe RV trip takes preparation and planning to make it a good experience. Before taking off on your next family RV trip, review these safety tips to ensure that your trip will be problem-free.


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