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Umbrella Coverage for Life’s Unexpected Situations

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Beyond the typical auto, homeowners or life insurance policies, you may have overlooked an important and affordable type of insurance: umbrella insurance. Just as an umbrella provides a shield and keeps you dry when it's pouring rain outside, an umbrella insurance policy can protect you when an expensive claim or lawsuit threatens your financial security. Below are some reasons to invest in umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance covers three broad categories:

  1. Bodily injury liability helps cover the cost of damages to another person's body. Examples may include the cost of medical bills and liability claims due to injuries caused by :

    • A serious auto accident where you're at fault
    • Harm caused to others by your pet
    • A guest falling in your home
    • A neighbor's child falling while playing in your yard

  2. Property damage liability helps cover the cost of damage or loss to another person's tangible property and may include the costs associated with:

    • Damage to vehicles resulting from a car accident where the policy holder is at fault
    • Claims incurred in connection with damage caused to others property

  3. Other personal liability helps covers other actions a policyholder could be sued for, such as:

    • Slander
    • Libel
    • False arrest, detention or imprisonment
    • Mental anguish or shock

Consider the assets you own and the role they play in your financial security. Typical assets that might come to mind are your car, house, investment accounts and even your checking and savings accounts. You've worked hard to accumulate assets, and you don't want to be left out in the storm in the event you become a target of a lawsuit, so it makes sense to consider options such as umbrella insurance to help protect your assets as well as your future income. After all, you're human and we all make mistakes. Get under an umbrella policy and be protected from life's storms.

The product information contained on this website is informational only and not a statement of contract. All coverage options are subject to the provisions of the policy purchased and the details of the policyholder's situation.

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