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Traveling is back - but with changes

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Just last year, the demand of traveling soared as travelers wanted to make up for lost travel experiences due to the pandemic. Even with the rise in demand, the recovery of the travel industry has been rocky.

Looking back at the past few years, we watched COVID-19 disrupt life like we have never seen before. What once gave you excitement and anticipation to escape from reality and travel was halted. The travel industry has been working diligently on restoring the confidence in traveling among its consumers. Slowly but surely, the rate of travel is once again increasing as we face the new “normal.” This new sense of “normal” brought about a lot of change, and here are some trends we’re seeing now.

Traveling has picked up again. It resumed in stages and started with more road trips and domestic travel. As international travel gradually returned over the course of the last year, we expect to see a growth in the number of travelers. It’s important to check your passport and if it’s expired, allow plenty of time to renew it.  We have heard about significant delays in renewing or receiving a first-time passport.

Americans’ interest in road trips has increased the popularity of RV rentals and purchases. If an RV rental or purchase is in your future, reach out to your AmShield agent about RV insurance and stay protected this summer.

If you’re not into road trips and would rather head to the airport, be ready for the implementation of new hygiene, safety guidelines and possible health screenings. Here are some things you might see at the airport more frequently now:

  • Digitized check-ins               
  • Reduced paper material
  • Mobile boarding passes

You now might also to choose to pack things you would not have before – like hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. Remember to search the internet for any sudden travel restrictions due to conflicts or weather emergencies for your destination.  You might consider purchasing travel insurance if your trip is expensive- especially for overseas adventures. 

As we continue to live with our new sense of normal, whether through road trips or flights,  remember that although travel as we once knew it has changed, we should have a new appreciation for each trip we take in the future.





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