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Saving Money While RVing

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Taking an RV trip can be more economical than other forms of travel. When you add up the cost of airfare, rental cars, hotel fees and eating out, the cost of campground fees seems inexpensive. However, that doesn’t mean that RV fees can’t add up and be costly as well. Take a look at a few money saving tips for frugal RVing— because who doesn’t love a good deal?

Fix Your Mindset
The difference between paying too much or very little when you are on the road is attitude. If you automatically assume that you must pay high prices to camp, buy gas and eat, then that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Many RVers pay more than what is required because they think that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re on the road. When RVing, remember that no matter where you camp, your living quarters will be the same and if something costs too much like a restaurant, you can always eat in your RV kitchen. Spending is a choice you make and so is your mindset going into the trip, so be smart and know what your budget is.

You Have a Kitchen…Use It!
Just like at home, most of the time it is cheaper to make meals from scratch than it is to eat out at restaurants. When you’re on a RV road trip, use that kitchen to make most of your meals. You can still go out to eat once in a while—after all, you are on vacation—but making meals in our RV can be a real money saver.

Plan Ahead
If you love to take a spontaneous road trip, pack up and just leave, you might struggle saving money while RVing. People who take time to plan their trips in advance have a better chance at saving money. Getting caught without a place to stay, enough food for dinner or enough gas in your tank can make for expensive scrambling. By planning ahead you can avoid having to make unexpected, pricey purchases during your trip.

Seasonal Traveling
Traveling during shoulder season, also known as the period between the peak and off-peak season where tourists’ numbers are low, is a sure way to save money. With fewer and smaller crowds, you can find lower prices on almost everything. If you’re not afraid of a little rain and have some wiggle room in your schedule, consider taking advantage of an area’s lack in tourism and help stimulate their economy.

Camping fees might seem minimal compared to hotel costs, but even those less expensive fees can add up. If you’re up for the adventure, try boondocking! It’s a little more rugged than hanging out at the resort campground, on public lands without hookups. You might have to go without (or minimal) electric, water or sewer hookups, but isn’t that the true essence of camping? It’s just you, nature, and a starry sky. Not to mention a camping fee that’s either minimal or nonexistent. Sounds like a deal you don’t want to miss!

Join the Club
If you’re just now beginning the RV life, you might be surprised to learn of the discount clubs and memberships that are offered. With an annual membership fee, you can get discounts on gas, emergency towing, roadside assistance and more. You’ll not only save money on campground fees, which can make up a large portion of RV travel, but you’ll also meet like-minded people and discover new destinations while you’re at it.

Coming home from an RV trip knowing that relatively little money was spent is a great feeling. Yes, it does take some time to research and set things up, but the payoff will be worth it. If you follow the advice in this article, you’ll learn that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to RV in order to have a great vacation.

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