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Managing A Routine

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As the United States and other countries around the world wrestle with how to contain COVID-19, school closings, stay at home orders, and other restrictions have changed daily life for many. This pandemic has forced many to face a new normal and find a new routine. Now more than ever, it is imperative to set a schedule and have a routine to go forward with each new day.

This new normal has included working in the confinement of your home with the rest of your family or roommates. This may not be the most ideal situation, so having any sense of normalcy is gladly welcomed. Being stuck working from home, you may feel as if you aren’t as productive as a day in the office would allow. You’re trying to manage the kids, while also finding a good work/life balance, and it can be difficult to say the least.

This can all seem a bit overwhelming, but that’s  okay  in these unique circumstances. Here are some different ways to manage time while in a pandemic.

Create A Daily Routine. A routine doesn’t necessarily mean waking up at exactly the same time every day and doing everything in the same order. While that may help some people,  others do better having a checklist of tasks to accomplish. At first creating a routine might require a lot of effort, but don’t give up because it will get easier once you get the hang of it.

One of the easiest things that you can do to start your day is to create a workspace outside your bedroom and get dressed as if you’re going into the office. Putting on your work outfit, choosing earrings to wear, or even spritzing some perfume can cue our brains to know that it’s time to focus and get to work for the day.

A good way to start your day is by writing out your to-do list for all work related projects, then prioritize that list. The more you plan your day and week, the more proactive you can be. Creating a daily routine also goes for children as well. Parents should help create a schedule which can include at-home school work, projects, house work, play time, etc.  

Make Your Days Consistent, Yet Different. When most hear the word consistent, it can be looked at as doing everything the same over time and having unchanging ways. In the midst of a pandemic, keep your days consistent, but not so much that the days tend to blend together. Try to work hard to maintain consistent aspects of daily and weekly schedules so that each day seems different.

One example of how to keep days separated is by choosing specific days of the week to work out or do other activities for yourself. On certain days, set out individual time to work out, do home projects and even cook. This helps keep your routine consistent, yet individualized for each day of the week.

To add in some fun and entertainment to your work week, have a specific day of the week where you have virtual happy hours with co-workers or friends. You can even carve out a specific time to have phone calls with family to catch up. This gives you something to look forward to throughout your week and to help keep you going.

The pandemic and many other changes that have happened in the recent months can be draining physically and mentally. Having a set routine for you and your family creates momentum that will carry you through on the days when you feel like you don’t have the strength to carry yourself.

Finally, try be intentional about how you spend your time during this temporary situation.  Ask yourself what  you would want to have accomplished or what you would want to have experienced during this time. The key is to create consistent, daily patterns that will help maximize yourself on every level possible without burning out.


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