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If you think your personal belongings aren't worth much, think about how much it would cost to replace everything you own if it was lost in a fire. From furniture and electronics right down to your last pair of socks - it can all cost more than you think, but renters insurance from AmShield is affordable. In addition to replacing your things, it can help protect you if you accidentally damage your rental or if someone is injured in the rental, depending on the circumstances of the damage and what caused the injury. Check out all of our coverage options.

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Integrity and financial excellence are at the core of what we do at AmShield. We offer competitively priced property and casualty insurance that is backed by exceptional customer service.

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Your reputation as an independent agent is built on recommending the right policies and coverage for your customers' needs through companies that are easy to work with, provide outstanding claims service and attractive rates. If you're currently looking for a company like this, contact us today.

The product information contained on this website is informational only and not a statement of contract. All coverage options are subject to the provisions of the policy purchased and details of the policyholder's situation. Not all products are available in all states. AmShield Insurance utilizes a wildfire evaluation tool from a reliable industry source. Scores and data are generated using sources and methods current as of the specific date of the inquiry and includes only the available data provided for the geographic location of the subject property. This score is solely used to determine eligibility of the property during the underwriting process and bears no impact on rating.