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Tips for Road Tripping with Your Besties

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If you’re looking for a good way to spend a long weekend, or want to escape reality for a while, why not gather up your besties, snacks, good music and head out on a road trip?

Nothing beats the bonding experience or shared memories you and your best friends will make while on a road trip. If you’re looking to get away at some point this summer, here are some great tips to take with you while road tripping with some of your best friends!

Be Picky About Who You Travel With
There’s a saying that you don’t really know someone until you travel with them, and that goes for your friends who you think you know everything about. You’ll be crammed in a car with your friends for hours, sharing meals together and you might even get lost while you’re at it. The longer the distance, the more you should pay attention to your friend selection for the trip. The friends you choose to go with on your road trip could make it the best time of your life or a nightmare.

Phones Down, Enjoy the Moment
Phones can be a distraction from enjoying the present moment. Limit your phone usage while on the road so you can bond with each other and make memories that will last a lifetime. Being stuck together in a closed space for hours allows you and your friends to get to know each other on a deeper level. Laugh until your stomach hurts, sing at the top of your lungs or having deep, meaningful conversations will help bring you and your friends closer.

Document Your Trip
Just because it’s a good idea to put your phones down and enjoy the trip doesn’t mean you can’t snap some photos and videos along the way. Give the social media a break and tap into your inner photography skills. Capturing special moments with your closest friends will make great memories you can always relive from your trip. Someday in the future you’ll be sitting next to your friend, reminiscing about the hilarious trips and will remember how cool you were back then.

Go with the Flow
You and your friends might have made the perfect itinerary for your road trip, but you can never predict what curveball life may throw at you on your trip. Your GPS might direct you the wrong way and add an extra hour to your trip or you might have to change your car tire along the way. Don’t let these mishaps ruin the rest of your trip because one day you might just look back on it and laugh about them. Control what you can and go with the flow.

Eating out every time you make a stop can put a dent in your trip budget. Pack a lunch and bring snacks for the road to save on those expenses. If you run out of homemade meals and snacks, don’t be afraid to try a local restaurant and see what they have to offer. Sometimes local diners are even better than the generic fast food places that you eat at home.

Everyone Drives
Depending on your destination, you might spend hours on the road. You should make sure that each person gets a turn to drive so you give each other a break when the other gets tired.

Stock Emergency Supplies
No one plans to have a roadside emergency, but it’s always a possibility. When preparing to travel with your friends, plan ahead and have some key items packed away in case difficulty arises. Have a first aid kit, chargers, blanket, water, map, spare tire and other essential items for emergencies.

Prior to the trip, be sure to take your car for a service. Get your car inspected and have an oil and air filter change. Make sure everything in the car is running smoothly and is ready to hit the road.

The greatest part of a road trip isn’t the destination but all the stuff that happens along the way. So grab your besties, put on your favorite road trip playlist and hit the road!

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