AmShield's Claims Quick Estimate Process

Person taking a cell phone picture of dented bumper.

Car accidents run the gamut from slow speed fender-benders to accidents that can leave you with life changing injuries. If you've ever been in a car accident, you know how stressful it can be at any speed. First, the shock of the accident. Next, the time you're without your car while it's getting repaired, or the expenses involved in having to replace it if a fender bender leaves it totaled. With today's technology built in to bumpers and windshields, that can happen! 

The current supply chain issues are affecting everything, including delays in the manufacture and delivery of the parts needed to fix a car. While you're waiting, you might be in a rental vehicle if you have that coverage, and delays in getting your car repaired might keep you in that rental vehicle longer than you prefer. In an effort to speed the claims process up for more minor accidents, AmShield has implemented the Quick Estimate process.

What is Quick Estimate? 
Quick Estimate allows you to take photos of your vehicle after an accident and quickly send them to us using a special text link. That link guides you through the process, which is simple and seamless, allows for a quick estimate and helps your claim be processed more quickly.

What if You Don't Want to Participate in Quick Estimate?
If you prefer the traditional claims process to resolve your claim, that's fine.  That method will take the same amount of time to resolve your claim as it always has. The Quick Estimate process is just an option meant to speed up the traditional claims process. 

Whether you choose to use the Quick Estimate process or the traditional process, you have to first file your claim. You can do this by calling 1-844-AMSHIELD (844-267-4435) to report it so a Claims Adjuster can be assigned and contact you to get your claim resolved.

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